The Purple Seahorse Pet Store started in Kelowna back in 1971, making us one of Canada's oldest family owned pet stores. After moving a couple of times throughout the city, we settled down in Willow Park Mall located in the Rutland area of Kelowna in 1982. The pet stores current owner, Mike Boback, has been in command since 1997.

Our team focuses on providing our customers with quality products that are beneficial to your pets well-being, and honest, expert advice. We only want the best for your pet! 

As small animals are our favorite, we sell hamsters, rats, ferrets, and much more. With all the accessories, and toys your pocket pals could ever need. We like to keep our reptile and fish selection very broad, carry many exotics, saltwater and tropical species. We also have a passion for aquascaping, and stock a large selection of driftwood, plants, and rocks. Special orders, and requests are occasionally available as well.